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Monday, July 14, 2008

Scoliosis Relief! And Did Your Drugstore Give You the WRONG Medication? Double-check that Prescription!

11 Tamuz

Interesting news in the medical world today. Kids will love this one, because it involves an exciting sea creature: Scorpions!

Scorpion Surgical Technologies is an Israel-based research company that found an innovative way to improve back surgery. It involves the spinal fusion procedures used to treat degenerative disk disease or scoliosis. It might improve the quality of life for people with other forms of congenital defects and for people with spinal injuries, too.

Based on the spiny stuff sticking out of those sea creatures, the new bone attachment system prevents the implanted screws from loosening and/or falling out. THAT's a BIG improvement over present technologies.

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In late-breaking news, a New York senator has publicized the scary truth about pharmacies that make mistakes when "filling" prescriptions. Take no chances! Double- and triple-check your medication with your doctor and your pharmacist. CLICK HERE for important information.

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Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have scoliosis and I enjoy reading about the back and scoliosis on blogs and other websites.. I am very pleased with the SpineCor brace that I started wearing since Nov 2004. I have hardly any back pain and there has been some improvement in my curve. It took a while but I got used to it and I appreciate the support it gives my back. A couple of people have told me that I look straighter now. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to use the SpineCor brace. If you want more information on it go to . Anyways I look forward to all the updates. Thanks again.

Yojeved Golani said...

Jessica, I feel relieved that YOU'RE doing better!

I appreciate your positive feedback about my blog. It and my book are truly efforts to help the world at large.