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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

US Baby Formula DANGER Alert!


28 Mar-Cheshvan 5769

Folks, I cannot tell from here in Israel (especially in the wee hours of my local morning) how well the breaking news about dangerous baby formula is spreading in other parts of the world. So I'm providing a Public Service Announcement for you:

Melamine is one of the most effective
cancer-causing chemicals on the planet.

My approach to cancer is this: prevent or HEAL cancer cells. "Killing" them is demonstrably damaging to the person on such "therapy."

I very much disagree with the FDA's advice to merely continue feeding this Melamine poison to your precious, defenseless child.

What on earth could you do to save his/her life when it turns out that the FDA made the same "We advise taking Thalidomide to prevent miscarriage" mistake? THAT error led to terribly disfiguring birth defects. Or the medical world's horrific error in advising parents to remove tonsils and adenoids to prevent sore throats? THAT blunder led to cases of Lupus Erythematosus, Cervical and other cancers!!!!

(The medical world has since realized that tonsils and adenoids are part of the human body's defense system)

Please! Thoroughly check the labels of your child's formula packaging (if it includes numbers of suspect formula, DUMP IT), and do consider other safety measures.

I know that not every woman can breast-feed. Do what you can to eliminate danger from your baby's diet.

URGENT UPDATE: One full day after I posted the above, this
NEW INFORMATION became available.

To your good health and your baby's,

Yojeved Golani
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Ivo Cerckel said...

I knew what follows about the FDA and thalidomide,
but I never heard that the FDA advised taking thalidomide to prevent miscarriage.

Thalidomide - Dishonest Drug
April 6th, 2008 by Ivo Cerckel
Thalidomide was definitely known in the year 1938 and [its] defects were noted in Phoenix, AZ (USA) in a medical journal that year. It was known as a cure for Hanson’s Disease and made by [Richardson]-Merrill Co. in [Cincinnati], OH (USA). I don’t know what action was taken, but a young female doctor named Frances Oldham Kersey (or Kelsey) recognized its dangers. Theodore, Princeton, WV/USA
(reaction under From The Times April 4, 2008 Thalidomide: 50 years on victims unite to seek more compensation Nigel Hawkes, Health Editor

Kelsey was the lady who in 1960 only joined the US of A Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Once there, she further delayed thalidomide’s approval (thalidomide was marketed since 1957)
and was given a Presidential award by US of A president Kennedy for that delay.

Wikipedia says
that Kelsey is credited SINCE NINETEEN THIRTY-EIGHT with her interest in teratogens - that is, drugs that cause congenital malformations,
that 1938 was the date of the creation of the FDA,
and that Kelsey managed to be appointed there in 1960

Thalidomide was marketed since 1957.

Kelsey was only appointed in the FDA in 1960.

How can she get (all) the credit for having ‘saved’ the US of A from it?

Yojeved Golani said...

Ivo, Thalidomide was used for multiple reasons, some of them NOT helpful as far as I'm aware. Perhaps it's a case of good intentions gone wrong. But now that the medical world has substantial proof of the damaging effects of some drugs and procedures, it is inexcusable to advise feeding a known carcinogen to anyone, let alone to defenseless babies.

Dr. Kelsey would have shuddered at this new nightmare. I have no idea how to honor her life-saving efforts, either. I admire your interest in doing so.

Thanks for sharing information, Yochi

Ivo Cerckel said...


Kelsey knew thalidomide since 1938 (reread what I posted)
I don’t know what happened to thalidomide during the Second World War

My interest in thalidomide is due to the fact that I was born as a thalidomide monster in Belgium in February 1962, my father, Henri Cerckel, being a medical doctor.

Here’s the rest of my quoted blog post.
Thalidomide - Dishonest Drug
April 6th, 2008 by Ivo Cerckel
The whistle on the thalidomide drug was blown at a congress of neurologists on 30 April - 1st May 1960 in Duesseldorf. (1)

Gruenenthal, the manufacturer in nearby Aachen, cannot possibly argue it didn’t know that.
Gruenenthal only withdrew thalidomide from Europe on 27 November 1961

In September 1961,
that’s more than sixteen months after the Duesseldorf congress of neurologists,
Richardson-Merrill made an application in US of A to allow thalidomide there.
This application was only withdrawn in 1962. (2)

And then Gruenenthal comes arguing that outside Ireland and a few other countries where it sold the drug directly, it can refuse compensation because this would be the responsibility of the licence holders. (3)

Should Gruenenthal not have informed its licence holders about the harmful effects of the drug?

We are always told that thalidomide had not been tested,
or at least that it has not been tested on humans,
if it had been tested on humans,

But thalidomide has been tested in REAL LIFE by inter alia Kelsey and some neurologists at the congress of neurologists held on 30 April - 1st May 1960 in Duesseldorf.

Kelsey and these neurologists found out that thalidomide led to serious birth defects in the babies.

Gruenenthal, the manufacturer of thalidomide, knew that. Guv’mint also.

But that did prevent the Gruenental from (continuing to) marketing it.

Ivo Cerckel


Chronik des Conterganfalls
Tragödie - Katastrophe - Skandal?
30. April/1. Mai 1960:
Auf einem Neurologen-Kongress in Düsseldorf berichtet der Neurologe Ralf Voss über die Nervenschädigungen, die seinen
Beobachtungen zufolge durch Thalidomid verursacht werden. Die Forschungsabteilung von Grünenthal versucht daraufhin, die Nervenschädigungen an Ratten zu reproduzieren - ohne Erfolg. Grünenthal-Forschungsleiter Mückter schließt daraus, dass es sich um besondere Situationen handelt, für die Contergan nur selten als Ursache infrage kommt.
27. November 1961:
Die Firma Grünenthal kündigt in einem Telegramm an das Düsseldorfer Innenministerium an, ihre Thalidomid-Präparate im In- und Ausland sofort aus dem Handel zu nehmen.
30. November 1961:
Eine Sachverständigen-Kommission, die das NRW-Innenministerium eingerufen hat, kommt zusammen. Die Experten erklären es für wahrscheinlich, dass Thalidomid Missbildungen hervorruft.Das amerikanische Arzneimittelunternehmen informiert Richardson-Merrill die US-Gesundheitsbehörde über die Ereignisse in Deutschland und zieht vier Monate später seinen Antrag auf Zulassung von Thalidomid zurück

Wie Amerika vor der Contergan-Katastrophe bewahrt wurde
Von Martina Lenzen-Schulte 04FB1B60CD4F83A586AA2D7BB84170~ATpl~Ecommon~Scontent.html

“Outside Ireland and a few other countries where Grunenthal sold the drug directly it has refused compensation, arguing it is the responsibility of the licence holders.”
( Thalidomide victims in new compensation call
By Andrew Jack in London
Financial Times April 3 2008 03:00 | Last updated: April 3 2008 03:00

Wednesday, 23 April 2008
Thalidomide; On-Going
From the Times in its entirety:

Thalidomide had been tested
September 28th, 2008 by Ivo Cerckel

Ivo Cerckel said...

Here's the latest from earlier this month.

Gruenenthal is the maker of thalidomide.

The grandson of Gruenenthal 1957 manages Gruenenthal only since 2005.

He’s retiring.

12.11.2008 02:50 Uhr
Grünenthal-Chef tritt zurück
Der Geschäftsführer des Pharmaunternehmens und früheren Conterganherstellers Grünenthal, Sebastian Wirtz, tritt zurück. Wirtz habe das Unternehmen auf eigenen Wunsch verlassen, sagte eine Sprecherin. Gründe nannte sie nicht. Ein Nachfolger werde in Kürze benannt. Wirtz hatte sich als erstes Mitglied der Unternehmerfamilie mit den Contergan-Opfern an einen Tisch gesetzt. Im Mai hatte er angekündigt, zusätzliche 50 Millionen Euro in die Conterganstiftung einzuzahlen. Andererseits hatte Wirtz, der die Unternehmensleitung 2005 von seinem Vater übernommen hatte, versucht, die Ausstrahlung des WDR-Fernsehfilms "Eine einzige Tablette" zum Conterganskandal zu verhindern. dpa