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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Arrest Your Allergies - or Your Child's - with RAYCOP!


21 Kislev 5771

I am soooo skeptical of medical "innovations" but this one leaves me VERY favorably impressed!

I Facebooked about a phenomenal solution to allergy problems last week. Someone let me use a device called RAYCOP that vacuums furniture (bedding, chairs, couches) to pull out and KILL dust mites (and their "invisible to human eyes" dooty), dead skin shed by all normal humans, plus bacteria.

I've woken each morning since then without coughing or sneezing through the night. I lost the "allergic shiners" - dark bags - under my eyes too. I no longer have labored breathing each morning. I can sit on my couch and read without snoofling into handkerchiefs. And sunuvagun if my furniture now smells like fresh fabric, not stale furniture!

The RAYCOP machine is lightweight ( a child of 10 or so could handle it easily), easy to use, and has a pop-in/pop-out filter you can clean under a faucet.

If you or your children suffer allergies - especially in dusty Israel, I HIGHLY suggest the RAYCOP device. Share the news with Hebrew-speakers via If you need English explanations, click the far-left icon on the site.

My decongested nose is doing so well I can now deteect the scent of the perfume I put on each day. I used to guess at that before using RAYCOP.

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