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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do WIKILEAKS Scare You? Here's Relief!


23 Kislev 5771

WOW, Wikileaks are raising blood pressures around the world! I bet that's affecting your health in many ways. Here's something for instant relief and recently released on the Internet:
the Giggle Box Project!

Since it is holiday season when advertisers and acquaintances insist that you "should" feel "happy," you might be feeling sadder than you can handle. Here's another helpful idea: As

advises, do things that leave you satisfied, soothed and rested. The book holds many suggestions for such activities, despite your physical limitations.

Speak with a therapist or member of the clergy who can help you to feel better. Remember what my book advises: work with someone who respects you. Anyone who tries to make your fearful or upset in any way is not someone who should be in your life. Especially not at a low point. Intimidation is NOT spiritual nor helpful.

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