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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Global Day of Jewish Learning and Your Medical Expenses


30 Cheshvan 5771

[This essay was prepared in advance of it's appearance today. I ask for your prayers as I face some unusual difficulties. YG].

I'm using November 7th's Global Day of Jewish Learning to share a few ideas with you about health. Financial health, as it relates to your medical life.

Medical problems are scary. The costs they incur add to the fear. A person begins to feel caught in a whirlpool sucking them down into ever-growing DEBT. You wonder if poverty will cause you to suffer worse, maybe to die.

One of the mottos at this blog, "Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism," addresses the nightmare. You need to feel secure that your thinking and planning skills are alright and that your funds are not disappearing in an out-of-control way on you.

Here's a Jewish way of looking at debt that applies to everyone: personal income is decided by GOD at Rosh HaShana (Jewish New Year) day. We then receive what has been predestined for us. Complications may arise in our financial picture, but they're part of that Heavenly accounting system, too.

Shlomo HaMelekh/King Solomon taught in Proverbs 28 that "A person who trusts in The One Above will be full of blessings..." There's more to that quote, but it's a tad off-topic. Let's focus on the trusting GOD part. Tough at times, I know. But a person can develop that trust in baby steps, little by little.

Practice praying in your heart, or even out loud (I do), and tell The Compassionate Creator that you're scared, what you need (specify the solution) and that you appreciate everything that GOD sent your way until now. Ask for clear-headed thinking skills so you can plan sensibly, for help in building your trust in the Creator, and for relief. Simply pour out your heart. Say everything on your mind, in your gut, and weighing on your heart.

I have felt the raw fear and heart-throbbing panic about growing medical debts and grim bottom lines. I'm not lecturing at you, I'm sharing hard-earned insights, coping strategies that eased my blood pressure several notches and helped me to recognize solutions appearing before me. All that was left for me to do was to make some choices. And to realize that G'D was right there with me. You're in the same position.

Rashi, a famous commentator on Jewish issues and Toraitic texts in Medieval times, taught that we need not fear losing our incomes to this or that problem. Why not? Because nothing messes up the Heavenly accounting system. Everyone in the world receives the funds, and spends the funds, allotted in the D'vine accounting system. The accounts are above nature. As events unfold before us, we simply witness the financial playout of what was decreed months ago.

Go ahead. Grumble, sing, weep, talk out loud with GOD. He's a captive audience so to speak. Always available to listen to us cry out and speak up about the issues that concern us.

And remember one more thing: it is a BIG merit in your favor when you pray for the relief of other people and/or take action to help them in some manner. Go ahead. Make someone's day. Speak kind words or take gracious action, maybe even provide some financial insight or assistance.

Do what you can. May Heaven help you as pleasantly as possible,

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Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity.
Face Your Future with Optimism.


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