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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have Happier Holidays: Here's How to Report Groping TSA Staff


18 Kislev 5771

My E-book holds money-saving information about safe travel for ill people. But I never imagined that I'd need to address the safety and dignity of everyone else as I prepared the manuscript.

Anyone going through US airports faces humiliating defenselessness as strangers feel up your body parts! GOOD GAWD people we go through hoops to prevent perverts from moving into our neighborhoods or preying upon defenseless children and adults! This OUTRAGEOUS Terrorism sanctioned with government laws is beyond reason!

Americans, YOUR tax monies are paying for people to touch you in places you prefer to protect. Worse, the perverted pat-downs of TSA employees are another security problem altogether. TSA staff overlooks dangerous behaviors of terrorists while harassing law-abiding decent people.

This NY Post article is worth reading to save your dignity and to enhance your genuine security
Grope-a-Dopes: Support Law to Ban Invasive Searches!

Has someone invaded your honor in the name of preventing terrorism? Register your utter disgust at

PS - Send me a message about YOUR
TSA gropefest problem
and how you dealt with it.

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