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Monday, November 1, 2010

Facing Reality


24 Cheshvan 5771

Readers, for weeks I've been struggling to prepare the blog at my usual speed several times weekly. I recently indicated to you that the appearance and function of my eyes has been changing lately. It's been rather hard for me to read let alone to prepare content. So, I haven't updated the blog as usual.

The good news is that A) Due to the terrific care I invest in myself (organic diet, sound sleep habits, stress-reducing activities), my eyes are literally struggling to reach optimal vision in short order, and B) My optic nerves are still recovering from trauma more than five years after my life-saving surgery. WHEW.

But the reality is that my optic nerves have a ways to go before they'll be in what's considered "normal range."

This morning my eye doctor found out how to accomodate the temporary glitch. Nothing serious, no surgery or medication necessary. All I need to do is some physical adjustment of my eyewear and the text I'm working on.

Stand by for a fun update about how severely disabled people have fully-abled FUN! It's a follow-up to a feature I did last year and the first-ever guestpost on my blog.

Tap at you soon, GOD willing,

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