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Monday, November 14, 2011

Flashmob for World Diabetes Day!


17 Cheshvan 5772

 It's World Diabetes Day, and yesterday I joined friends to increase global awareness of the prevalence of Juvenile and adult-onset diabetes - plus the need for a cure. Look for me (the only redhead in the group) in the white lab jacket, dancing in the back row, in this video.

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By the way, I recently communicated with someone struggling to feed her child, a toddler with Celiac disease. Celiacs can't digest gluten. They - or their parents - must monitor their diets to avoid serious lifelong complications. I let the mom know that, due to the organic vegetarian diet and other healing modalities I use, I've LOST my celiac problems and my life-threatening allergies!

My lifestyle and dining habits are sound practices for diabetics, too. I also lost borderline diabetic status some time ago, due to the changes I made.

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PS - My eyesight continues to improve, thank GOD.

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