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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Things You Don't Know About Illness that Could Help You to Cope with It!


11 Cheshvan 5772

Papers are flying all over your home and filling your purse or briefcase: doctor bills, insurance forms, prescriptions and appointment information. What a mess!

Medical costs are eating your wallet; you don’t even have enough cash for a decent meal.

Your head throbs with pain while filling up with worries. How can you handle it all in one easy step?


EMPOWER Yourself shows you how to 1) Put the papers into order so you can remember what you need when you need it! 2) Improve your cash flow with the Global Resource section! It’s filled with information about organizations willing and ready to pay for your medication, medical care, medical appliances, medical transportation and more. 3) Lose your headache (maybe some heartache!) as you learn to laugh again and to get your grin back. The text shares humor, insight and some great lines you can use on unpleasant visitors and medical professionals.

BONUS: You’ll even find important information to post over your bed or on the door, reminding people to be careful with your diet, allergies and other concerns.

Share the book with your loved ones and medical team. There’s stuff in there for them, too.

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Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity.
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