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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Want to Lose Weight over the Holidays in 4 Easy Steps?


23 Cheshvan 5772

Whoa, I know you're worried about adding on the pounds and kilos over the holiday season. My GOOGLE ANALYTICS monitor shows Super-Sized interest in my recent posts about weight control.

The good news is that some easy adjustments can be added to your mealtimes right now.

1) Space your meals several hours apart with NO Snacking in between. That lets your body digest food more efficiently. You'll burn more calories in the meanwhile with a quick dash up and down some stairs, around the block or at work. Do some bending and stretching in your chair, around the room, even at your desk several times daily - even right after eating (for maximum caloric burn!). Be sure to let people know you prefer lo-fat turkey, salads with nuts, seeds and home made dressings, plus protein-packed quinoa on your holiday menu. Bring your meal to the office or family party if necessary.

2) Lighten up with flavorful drinks that energize you. Prepare a thermos of tea or nourishing soup to take on the road before you leave home. Anytime you want to de-stress, sip the warm, soothing liquid. Beers, wines and calorie-counting sodas can only damage your waistline and overall health.

3) Pack raw pistachios and other raw nuts to have on hand when you have a snack attack (they come in appealing gift-wrapped packages, too). Keep them in sealed bags in your briefcase, desk or car. Chew slowly, thoughtfully and with  satisfaction. You'll be building your body to healthier, slimmer proportions, not wrecking it with sugary or processed junk. Share the nuts with your guests and hosts so everyone can share the fun. Hey - nobody's going to criticize you with a full mouth!

4) Need an emotional boost now and then to deal with all the laughter and criticism that (probably overweight) critics send your way? Want to improve what you see in the mirror?


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Enjoy your holidays with a lighter body and greater self-respect. Let me know your success stories, too!

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