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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craniosacral Therapy Opens Healing Possibilities!


18 Cheshvan 18 5772

One of the remarkable events of my healing journey concerns the eyelid paralyzed by life-saving brain surgery. Yes, the surgeon removed the benign tumor crushing my optic nerves and all the others caught in its hold. But the experience traumatized my body. It left me weak, in need of physical, speech and occupational therapy. And I needed to see again.

My entire medical team knew I could see only glimmers. And, those medical professionals predicted that the glimmer would fade to black, forever. They expected me to be blind lifelong. None of them seemed especially concerned at the paralyzed eyelid that would otherwise block my view. But as you read EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge you’ll learn how I revved up my motivation to be as functional as possible with the life left before me. That motivation included lifting the eyelid with nerves too weak to make it rise or even to flicker a bit.

I went for craniosacral therapy from a practitioner trained by a leader in the field, John Upledger himself. That practitioner, Andrea/Chana Bracha Kornfeld, quickly made my craniosacral fluids move in a more optimal fashion (CSF fills our spinal cords and surrounds our brains, helping them to function). The once paralyzed eyelid fluttered open, though at half mast. With further treatment, we watched it rise to an increasingly normal position. Today, few people can detect the slightly off-kilter position of the rather normal-looking oval.

Andrea/Chana Bracha and I worked together for months to promote other healing. My skull, damaged by surgery, regained strength, correct positioning and – years after the surgical event – healthy new bone!

I’ve watched Andrea/Chana Bracha and other craniosacral practitioners effect miraculous results in babies, children and adults of all ages. The process is rather pleasant. The patient sits comfortably or lies upon a treatment table as the craniosacral therapist (CST) lightly touches them to promote the improved flow of the CS fluids.

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