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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drug Recall Alert!


16 Iyar 5772

My colleague Star Lawrence has an interesting FYI for anyone taking prescription or over-the counter medication at Uh-Oh RECALL!

When I studied pharmacology I asked one professor how many doctors can keep up with the MUSHROOMING lists of ever-new drugs on the market? He quietly admitted that most practitioners use their own formulary (a limited list or stock of medications) year after year, hardly ever adding or subtracting items. 

They have so much continuing education to do, patients to see, procedures to perform, travel between appointments, meetings to attend etc. Plus they need sleep, eating and recreation time. NOBODY can keep up with the worldwide pharmacopoeia (the collected listings of all known drugs) and all the reading material that goes with it. 

Yes, patients must educate themselves. See Drugs, Herbs and Supplements at MedLine Plus.
Be sure to see this brief description of Prescription of Drugs Not Listed in a Clinic's Pharmacopoeia for another 1000 or so, too. 

Always study the foldout that comes with your prescription. Life-saving information is supposed to be in there. Use it.

Want to know how to get past 
those rude, impatient, maybe clueless 
members of the medical profession 
whom Star mentioned in her blogpost?

Be sure to read the 
Three Easy-to-remember Things You 
Can Do to Preserve Your Health 
section about how to advocate for yourself 
despite rude or indifferent medical personnel, 
Listen to the Person Before You 
- Lessons for Caregivers

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Star Lawrence said...

Thankx for the mention! -- every weekday. Star

Yocheved Golani said...

It was a pleasure, Star.

I want to clarify for my blogspot readers that I'd mentioned my colleague's on-spot medical information at Facebook the other day.

Star and I go back decades when both of us met online via the Washington Independent Writer's listserv. We've managed to remain employed as journalists though former colleagues fell by the wayside with the dot-com crash and its aftermath. Star's quirky sense of humor offsets my tendency to be boringly factual. I'm lightening up over time ;^ D