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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Publishers, Purim and I Want to WIN a Beauty Contest!


12-13 Adar, 5773

Sorry for the late-in-the-day post.  Technical issues delayed progress a bit.

Check out a guest blogger post at Sneak Peek into The Comfort Foods Cookbook, then let me know if you're ready to eat the treats in store for you!

The publishing world is a bit like a beauty contest. Writers prepare book proposals designed to entice $ALE$ OPTION$ and hope for the best. It's a tedious, often counter-productive process and I want to bypass it as I achieve a different sort of publishing success.

I'm praying to bypass the misery of the proposal process and to attract a publisher with his or her eyeballs and online attention span.

Wish me success! Oh - you can catch a previous sneak peek at the book when you click on Good4U Comfort Foods.

I'm preparing whole grain and other organic goodies for Purim fun on Sunday. Friends have requested my home made breads and soups. They tell me that they literally feel better after dining on my wholesome foods.

Click this Quick Review of what the 
Purim holiday is about.

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