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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Would YOU Like to Experience in a Patient Safety Culture?


18 Adar, 5773

I'm still glowing with happiness from Purim. I helped to raise funds for a local charitable organization during the fun-filled day. Volunteers hit the streets with a particular T-shirt. I jazzed mine up a bit, as you can see.

On another topic, I wonder what YOU would respond if you were to answer the following question from a Help a Reporter Out (HARO) listserv (I removed relevant contact info so people don't bombard the message sender with unprofessional responses):

Biotech and Healthcare

1) Summary: Quantifying "soft" patient safety and hospital quality measures 

Name: Blanketyblank's Hospital Review
Category: Biotech and Healthcare 

Email: notyerbizness

Media Outlet: Blanketyblank's Hospital Review

Deadline: 5:00 PM CST - 1 March 


Many hospitals are focusing on creating patient safety cultures, engaging patients and improving quality. While clinical quality can be quantified according to different diseases and processes, how can the "softer" aspects of safety and quality, such as culture and patient engagement, be measured? How can hospitals quantify these aspects of care so they can determine their progress?

Okay, back to me, Yocheved: You just know how much you don't appreciate those awful patient gowns that let in every breeze or pair of eyes. And that tasteless hospital food? Rude doctors and technicians? What else needs to be improved? How?

Please share your recommendations for quality patient care and culture in the comments section below this blogpost.

I look forward to reasonable replies ;^ D

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