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Friday, February 15, 2013

Start Your Weekend with A Sweet Story!


5 Adar, 5773

I've heard people grumbling that this or that person does not appreciate "What I did for them!"

Well, I have a soothing story to calm you down. It goes like this:

An old, emaciated beggar walked into an ancient town, weakly begging for food. Alarmed citizens searched their cupboards, though they too, were poor.

One home owner offered dried out crusts of bread.

Another brought leftover porridge.

The contributions went on and on, meager as they were. Everyone was sad that the poor fellow remained hungry. Until...

One little child ran to the town square, delightedly holding out a delicious, fresh-baked pastry that had been hidden away for dinner that night.

The hungry man gratefully bit into the food and chewed appreciatively. The he let out a sigh of contentment.

"YOU're a hero!" the townspeople cried as they lifted the child to their shoulders for an impromptu parade.

The child chortled with happiness, unable to express a sense of feeling so appreciated. But...

The townspeople who'd surrendered their own meager scraps felt unhappy. They had nothing to show for having lost their needed food, and it sure didn't seem to matter to the once-hungry beggar.

Ah, but the now-satiated man looked about and called for everyone's attention. "I want you to know," he grandly announced, "That the fresh pastry the child gave to me is not only what saved my life. It is the food that all of you gave to me. Little by little, you filled my completely empty belly. There was only a smidgen of space left, and the pastry filled it. My strength is restored thanks to each and every one of you!"

That  put a different perspective on things. Everyone in the town stood straighter, smiled a bit more brightly and shared a sense of unanimous joy.

Hang on to the fable when you feel hurt that someone let you down with insufficient appreciation for your hard efforts. Share it whenever you wish (please use the link to this blogpost!)

Have a soothing weekend!


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Find ways to comfort yourself. Doing something for others is one delightful way to start.


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