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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Tip for Travelers, PC Users and Anyone Sitting Down


3 Adar 5773

I'm busy running around to prepare for the fun-filled PURIM Holiday (it happens in 1.5 weeks from today!) 

But some days I'm busy stretching to relieve my back from the stress of being at the PC too long. 

I tend to exercise at specific times of the day to minimize the problem and to prevent the pounds from collecting all over otherwise sedentary me. 

But what if you're normal, like me, and you slack off the exercise routine sometimes? OW, your back can end up sore.

Here's a tip about how to prevent backaches and strains, at Help for the Deskbound (that includes people traveling and stuck in their seats too long).

Let me know if this idea helps you if you're in a wheelchair.

When you're ready to resume some kind of exercise routine, check out 15 Tips to Restart an Exercise Habit - and Keep it!

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