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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fun in and Out of the Sun!


14 Tishrei, 5779

September is the hardest month of the year, when Jewish college students struggle to help their professors to understand that "I understand that your class is valuable instruction time, but, hey, I need to miss the first three weeks of the new school year..." It's  dilemma that Jewish students worldwide must overcome as we commemorate our High Holidays/Jewish New Year season.

Now that I'm well into adulthood, I appreciate Sukka-building for the holiday of Sukkot all the more. It's a fun project that heralds the last week of the High Holiday Season while symbolizing so much meaningful spirituality. 

A sukka, by the way, symbolizes GOD's protection and constant blessings. A miniature mishkan (a portable temple - the first one was built in Shilo) that preceded the REAL temple aka Bet HaMikdash, it makes us long all the more for the THIRD and Final Temple that will serve everyone in the world (as did the first two!).

Here I am having fun and out of the sun with a few friends as we put our synagogue's sukka together this morning.

Yocheved Golani 


Yocheved Golani Considering the deep, mystical symbolism of Yocheved's ceiling decoration... Water drops for Simkhat bet haShoeva (a water celebration festival), a palm frond, a Don't Speak Lashon Hara sticker, symbols for Rosh HaShana, plus a tiny sefer Tehilim. And a mysteriously purple round thingy, too...


Yocheved Golani It was an adventure with ankle-piercing tips on palm fronds, sharp scissors snapping in the air, wood splinters in a few thumbs, and ladders taller than the cross beams. But the mighty team won the day and the mitzva of setting up a sukka without killing anyone in the process! 5779 we gotcha covered!


The holiday begins tonight and lasts 8 days (the first and last days are spent in synagogue). I'll probably tap at you again on Tuesday.

 Enjoy this classic song for Sukkot, "Shlomit Builds a Sukka of Peace."

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