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Monday, September 17, 2018

Praying for a Year of Health, Healing, and Happiness


8 Tishrei, 5779

I am mourning the murder of an acquaintance yesterday, and recovering from the fact that on Saturday/Shabbat afternoon, my neighbors and I were evacuated to safety by police while sappers dealt with a potentially explosive situation literally outside the entrance of where I live. 

Someone had placed a suspicious object there, and disappeared. Bullhorned police requests to claim the item were not answered. That indicated a dangerous situation for everyone on my street.

Jews usually spend the 10 days between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kipur in deep, spiritual contemplation and restorative behavior. Our lifelong goal is to become refined, compassionate beings who improve the world at large. However, Jews around the world are facing rising hatred. Here in Israel we've dealt with months, literally months, of arson. Our farms, forests, and other properties have been set ablaze, thousands of acres burned. 

Other acts of visceral hatred have happened around the globe this past year.

We've literally spent our year in life and death situations.

I pray that humanity will lose its hatred for anything. The 10 Commandments tell us not to commit specific crimes, though they have been perpetrated daily since that momentous day at Sinai.

May GOD bless the world with serenity, safety, healing, and security.

I will be offline the next few days. Yom Kipur begins tomorrow night and ends the following night. 

I will spend time from now until then in prayer, meditation, and relaxation (so that I can better withstand the 25-hour fast from food and drink coming up).

May your year be filled with health and healing inside and out. 

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Batya said...

This post is included in Blog Roundup Celebrating חג שמח Chag Sameach. Take a look at the company. Enjoy.

Yocheved Golani said...

What an honor. Thank you, Batya!