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Sunday, September 2, 2018

An EMPOWERing Look at How to Preserve Your Health


22 Elul, 5778

A new acquaintance asked me to explain why I step slowly and deliberately when descending stairs. He was startled at my unusual care and time-consuming pace, and a bit concerned that I would take offense at his questions. I explained the reason for my behavior in a few words, but he initially misunderstood my remarks to mean that I'd had cancer. So, I had to present the facts to him more eloquently.

Here's a recap of what I explained to him. I'm sharing it with you as a powerful reminder of the miracles that you can facilitate in your own life:

"I appreciate your kind-hearted thoughts... I take no offense, only time to smile at your intention to be helpful.

I've never had cancer, thank GOD. What I had were 5 benign meningiomas in 15 years, brain tumors that crush nerves. [Due to the 2005 incident] ... I've been left with a form of vision deficit that defies categorization. It is unique to me, caused by the crushing of all the nerves extending from my head to my spine. I'd been left completely blind and close to death. That I have recovered much of my health and sight (in color no less) is off the charts. I literally made medical history that way. GOD did, too.

I fall often, due to the struggle to remain balanced. I have a problem with proprioception: Figuring out where my body is in relationship to the earth, objects, directions, etc. My eyes and brain disagree about the messages they receive. The problem is compounded by the fact that I see double. That is why I move slowly on staircases: I must be certain that I am lowering my foot sensibly, not touching down on an illusory step that doesn't exist.

... I've written a book about how I saved my life, and why other people can save/improve theirs by mimicking the mindset and actions that I took. It received on and off-cover praise from the medical and mental health worlds. It is entitled   It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need to: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge, a print and E- book that readers can buy directly from my publisher." 

What I later mentioned to the man is that though doctors risked accidentally ending my life with life-saving surgery (the procedure is very risky to the patient), they had no idea how to restore my sight. Crushed optic nerves can't be easily puffed up again, and made to work. 

My medical records indicate that the alternative healing therapies I indulged in WORKED when a worldwide network of eye doctors and eye surgeons had no idea how to help me to see again. Some of those doctors from far-off countries have met with me to discuss the strategies I used, so that they can help their patients with those techniques. They learned of the only two practitioners able to help me to see better once GOD and I restored my sight. A man and a woman, they are mentioned in the EMPOWER Yourself  book.

Okay, blog readers, what are your thoughts about that? 

What do you suppose that you could learn from a woman who literally had to create a way to prevent death and permanent blindness because her doctors didn't know what to do to save her, and how those life lessons can help you?

Ready to find out?

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Netivotgirl said...

You are an amazing woman who doesn't say "I cannot!" or "I give up!" Your story is so moving it brings ME to tears!! May you have a ketiva ve'chatima tova and a year of SUPERB health and all good things! May your tefillot all be answered!

Yocheved Golani said...