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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

When Life CAN be a Do-Over!


24 Elul, 5778

The Jewish month of Elul is coming to close, and Rosh HaShana (the Jewish New Year holiday) will soon be here (SUNDAY NIGHT!). It's a time ripe with sweet, wonderful blessings and new beginnings. Life can be a do-over in some respects. Here's a look at one:

Due to this blog and the book it is based on, 
someone reached out to me in a desperate 
search for help. 

The person had become addicted to opioids, 
no thanks to a doctor who'd 
over-prescribed some painkillers.

I've written about different aspects of the addiction nightmare several times, for When this accidentally drug-addicted individual contacted me for emergency help, I knew exactly how to respond: "Contact Retorno. It is a highly regarded treatment center and I happen to know its director."

I know of clients whose lives literally became admirable do-overs as they chose to resolve their addictions.

Please know that there are highly effective painkillers which are not addictive. Contact a reputable (I'm emphasizing the word REPUTABLE) homeopathic, holistic, or natural methods practitioner who can help you to zero in on the best pain-killing treatments for your specific needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all reality by any means. 

And yes, I use natural pain-killing techniques. I even managed to do just fine with some after an accident on the horse I'd been riding.

I'm deep into holiday cooking, making more of the lovely evening bags, and writing articles in between some proctoring assignments. 

I long to share my sense of happiness at quite literally having turned on some neurological switches with my bag-making hobby. I am startled at the increasing ease with which I sew each creation, and that no two are alike. Miracles are happening in my head.

Get into the mood of doing life over and smiling with the effort.

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