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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Need to LOWER Your Healthcare Costs?


29 Elul, 5778

It's the last day of 5778 and a MEDPAGE Today update announced that

"Unexpected medical bills top the list of Americans' biggest fears about healthcare costs. (NBC News)"

You KNOW where to find cost-cutting information, so share the news with friends. All of you can check out the Global Resources section of

You'll find out how to apply to worldwide charitable organizations ready and willing to pay some or all of an applicant's medical bills (medication, medical care, medical transport, medical eqipment, and MORE!).

I'm going to enjoy the two-day Jewish New Year Rosh HaShana holiday which begins in about an  hour from the time I made this blogpost go "live." I'll be praying for the multifaceted benefit of everyone on the planet.

I'm zonked from cooking enough festive food for the next 48 hours. Now it's time to enjoy the sweetness of my efforts and the start-over season brimming with blessings.

See you in a few days.


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