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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The "Cope with Medical Crisis" Radio Show for Caregivers, Patients, and...


2 Av 5769

Readers, how would you like to hear me on the air, sharing insights and information with you on a call-in radio show?

Like that idea? Then call your local radio station owners and ask them to read the message below ;^ )

Hire a voice with a personality to match!
Arutz 7 (Israel's Station 7) radio, OU Radio and Rusty Mike get Yocheved Golani on the air as often as possible.

YOU can give her an entire radio show
on a regular basis!
Just imagine the possibilities...

LIVE! From YOUR Radio Station, it's the
"Cope with Medical Crisis" radio show
with Yocheved Golani!

Author of the highly acclaimed book

Yocheved is a former
medical records supervisor
and medical journalist.

Did you know that medical and
mental health professionals
use and/or sell "It's MY Crisis"
in their offices?

They say it lowers the need for
pain and other medications!

Patients do better with the book
and Yocheved's advice.

Doctors recommend both ;^ )

Her live speaking engagements are
always filled beyond capacity.

Radio station owners, I'm ready for audience questions about almost anything in the medical world. Do your listeners need to know where and how to find affordable medication, medical appliances and medical treatment – even the right doctor - anywhere in the world? Are they wondering how to get help with long-distance travel or even a short jaunt in their own city?

Put the world of medical coping strategies
in your listening audience's
ears and hands.

Let your listeners hear me sharing tips on how to pack for hospital stays. What to say to people who rudely dismiss someone's medical problems. How to prevent "Empty Well" Syndrome for caregivers and MORE!

Let me, Yocheved Golani, announce on the air "Call the number at this radio station..." so your listeners can get the medical information they need!

This ain't just for the old folks.

Just whom can the
"Cope with Medical Crisis"
radio show help?

The "Cope with Medical Crisis" radio show can make a huge positive impact on your listeners. People around the globe need medical resource information. Insurance companies worldwide are limited in what they can do. And that's IF a person has health insurance!

Help yourself, maybe someone you love, with the "Cope with Medical Crisis" radio show. Get me and my information on the air!

Your market share will likely go
w-a-a-ay-y- up as a result!

Yocheved Golani

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