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Friday, July 3, 2009

How a Playdate Almost Ended a Child's Life


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Accidental drug overdoses dominate news headlines these days. One such overdose almost cost the life of my friend's child recently.

During a playdate at someone's home, the visiting child saw some colorful candy on a table. Or so he thought.

He swallowed a pretty capsule, then told his friends' mommy what he'd done.

The reality is that he'd swallowed prescription drugs. I prefer not to mention which type so that you won't make assumptions later in this post.

Emergency phone conversations between the two mommies, a Poison Control Center and the affected child's pediatrician resulted in... you're gonna raise your eyebrows over this one...

An emergency visit to my home! WHY?

Because the Poison Control people and the pediatrician had prescribed an organic foodist's home remedy for ridding the body of toxins: Bentonite Clay. I happen to keep that item in my cupboards.

You can learn about the wonders of natural body detoxification from air pollution, chemically treated foods and drugs in "It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To." It saved my life in a way you'll find astounding. And I had never messed around with drugs to begin with!

Readers, the child I've written about could have died if the items he'd swallowed had been lethal. LOCK UP every medication in your home or office.
You just don't want to face a lifetime of inconsolable grief over an accident that's easy to prevent.

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