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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swine Flu Redux: New Zealand ON ALERT!


22 Tamuz 5769


Swine Flu is leaving some people untouched and doing the unexpected: killing otherwise healthy people. See:

Otherwise Healthy 6-Year Old and a Doctor Die of Swine Flu. New Zealand Takes Extra Precautions

Full coverage of the swine flu outbreak from the New Zealand Herald. ... NZ's swine flu death toll climbs • Clinics struggle to Cope

Fighting for Their Lives in New Zealand

STUDY: New flu resembles 1918 virus... And Its Survivors Seem Immune to the New Flu

Swine Flu 'Unstoppable', All Countries Will Need Vaccine...

Whew! Here's some hopeful news:

Readers, take this flu situation seriously.

Stay as clean as possible.
Wash your hands, doorknobs,
toilet handle, phones, purse
and briefcase handles frequently.

Use cleansers, not simply water.

I just spoke with a live audience today, about the need to be vigilant about our
health. Assumptions are not proving helpful just now. Stay informed, stay clean. And above all, laugh out loud.

Happiness and optimism are among the best health protection tools a person can have. Count your blessings.

Kiss the ones you can ;^ )

See my June 11

message about all this.

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To your good health,

Yocheved Golani

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