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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Solve the Organ Donation Crisis - Despite Moral and Medical Dilemmas


5 Tamuz 5769

Lives are on the line because of much-needed organ transplants. Body parts are auctioned to the highest bidders. Defenseless victims might be murdered, their organs "harvested" for the sales to take place. Poorer patients face death for lack of cash.

Patients at
death's door
might not know
what is going on.

They're simply trying to remain alive until doctors and
donors can save them.

MANY, many lives are at stake.

The organ donation world is not systematic, not morally regulated or by any means risk-free. Click on Scandalous Medical and Moral Issue to get some insight into the problem, and perhaps how to solve it.

Contact me about YOUR concerns.

Meanwhile, here's an ethical look at World Health Organization Human Organ and Tissue Transplantation Concerns,

End of Life Issues from a Jewish Perspective

National Institute of Jewish Medical Ethics

Ask the Rabbi about Organ Donations

Sign an Israeli Donors Card

and HODS - Halachic Organ Donor Society: Issues

Click on
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Meanwhile, good people are trying to save lives on a moral and effective basis.

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