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Monday, December 6, 2010

Here's How to Help Israel to Recover from the Haifa Fire


29 Kislev 5771

Americans outside Israel can donate here

Israelis and all nationalities can donate here (click on your country's flag)

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How BIG is the devastating story?
Myanmar News covered it!
To put this in perspective:
Israel is about the size of Delaware,
smaller than New Jersey.

Imagine losing that much LIFE
& acreage in those places, and you can
realize the devastation
upon Israeli society & forestry.

Here in the Middle East, its hard to grow greenery. Israeli law FORBIDS picking flowers in public spaces. Flower-picking may be done ONLY in private gardens. And, as always, we don't consider life to be optional. Lost lives & bereaved families across the religious spectrum (Druse, Christian, Jewish) are heartaches I can't describe.

Eretz HaKodesh - the Holy Land - is being kissed by HaShem/GOD and blessed with rain today. Some of us have literally danced in the streets over this.

Thanks for helping.

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