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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wheelchair Etiquette 101


15 Tevet 5771

Sorry for late-in-the-day blogposts that seem to be few and far between. GOOGLE and/or my PC seem to be having some problems, making my efforts to update this blog tedious and time-consuming. My PC technician and I are seeking solutions to the problem. Meanwhile, here's the skinny on Wheelchair Etiquette 101:

People who use wheelchairs don't do that for your convenience. Think of it this way: the wheelchair is similar to an arm, leg or any other necessary body part for the person sitting in one.

Please know that a wheelchair is literally the extension of a person's body. It's not a toy nor your handy-dandy catch-all. You don't smear fingerprints on someone's glasses, do you? Try out their hearing aids? Of course not. That's crossing personal boundaries. When you fail to heed the personal boundaires that wheelchairs represent, you're sort of like that bull up above, making people uncomfortable.

Please visit the

to get perspective from a wheelchair user. You'll know how to be better behaved from now on. Pretty empowering, huh?

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