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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snore No More!


12 Tevet 5771

Sleeping is supposed to restore your strength and clarity of thought. But snoring messes them up A LOT.

Here's a quick article link to
Stop Snoring Now and another to an article I like to call Improve Your Memory with Better Sleep.

It's supposed to be common knowledge that a few behaviors promote better, deeper sleep:

Regular Sleep Habits that include
relaxing rituals before sleep time
and same bed-time each night.

Discussing Your Troubles and
possible solutions to them
with someone you trust
before bedtime (keeping
bedtime journals can be
helpful, too)

Letting Go of Stressful Thoughts
Before Bedtime (this includes
apologizing to people you care
about before going to sleep,
praying for insight and guidance
to deal with the issues in your life).

There are alternative healing products that promote sleep, but I hestitate to mention them. You'll be far better off with genuinely natural sleep preceded by good sleep-promoting habits.

Hoping you'll enjoy snoreless, deeper Zzzzzzz...

Holiday/travel season is a major stressor. So are terrorism fears. Take sensible precautions, pray often and reduce your to-do list. Lower your stress levels as best you can, focusing on the sweetness in your life.

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