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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Naughty or Nice? These Doctors Need Shrinks!


16 Tevet 5771

I just read this medical update and paused to reflect on the issue:

Lab Notes:
Impulse May Be Hard-Wired
A murine model may hold the key to
unlocking the relationship between
stress and PTSD,
while that checkout "impulse buy"
may be explained by genes
rather than marketing,
according to reports in this week's
Lab Notes:
Impulse Shopper?
We've Got a Gene... full story

Some clarification about impulsive and other human behaviors could have accompanied the article. Impulsive, as other behaviors, can be controlled by willpower. Clergy and mental health professionals have taught that reality for millenia. Parents are supposed to teach it to their children. Think of the concepts called "Deferred Gratification," "moral choices," and "self restraint."

They are realistic behaviors.

I can just imagine Hollywoodites
and wannabes, though,
trying to avoid personal responsibility
for their choices and actions with
this poorly presented medical

Good gosh, we need not keep our minds focused on personal failure. You can choose to be nice, not naughty.

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