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Sunday, December 26, 2010

When Your Pregnancy Does not Complete... or Even Begin...


19 Tevet 5771

There's little in life to equal the pain of losing a pregnancy. Bereaved women are more pained when the people around them fail to understand the depth of that loss. It is a loss of hope, of happiness, of joy, even of femininity for some women.

A friend of mine, grief counselor Miriam Maslin, tells the world these wise words:

Grief is not an illness;
it is the healthy response to loss.
Under normal circumstances,
religious tradition provides us
with a structure
within which to do
our healing work.

Not so with miscarriages, stillbirths,
the agony of infertility, and
difficult birth outcomes.

Here there are no therapeutic mourning periods.

Sometimes our friends and family are
at a loss themselves and they can't
be there for us.

There is often a huge chasm between
husband and wife because men and women
tend to mourn differently.

Losing a baby can be a very lonely journey.
Sometimes, we need a safe place
to process our loss.

Sometimes we need someone with whom
we can just be.

Miriam Maslin, Pregnancy Loss Grief Counselor
Pregnancy loss support and counseling
Polarity therapy and Spiritual care
Workshops and Seminars

Israel phone: 02-566-2379
US phone number in Israel: 718-838-3244

If you need someone to talk with about your grief, look for the list of therapeutic outlets in the Global Resources section of

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