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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Light Up Your Life with Chanuka and Feel Better Soon!


25 Kislev 5771

Here's a convenient break from feeling sick and over-focusing on it to your detriment. May spiritual light illuminate your life. And puh-leez use sensible saftey practices all Chanuka-long (GUARD THE KIDS!). Israel's fire station directors warn that this is a major house-fire season.

I made Potato Pirogen (Gnocci) Soup to celebrate the 1st night of Chanuka: Quinoa (red and white), brown rice, homegrown beet leaves, ground pepper, sea salt, oregano, sweet potato, tomato paste, chopped onions and filtered water, then shared it with friends. YUM! Diners licked the pot clean, so to speak. My organic home gardening and culinary efforts led to a BIG success at the Chanuka feast we shared. Ahh, I like cooking when I'm not doing my usual raw foods diet. Always have enjoyed kitchen creativity...

My dear friend Rabbi Pinchas Winston
is sharing this Chanuka Shabbat video for
your Chanuka illumination.

The Chanuka lights are filled with holiness and happiness. Light Up Your Life with Chanuka and Feel Better Soon! May Heaven help you through your rough patches as pleasantly as possible.

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