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Monday, July 6, 2015

Are Artificial Sweeteners Harmful to Human Health - or Not?


19 Tamuz, 5775

I'm gambling that this blogpost will be appreciated (or not) by most of you. Please share your thoughts about it with me, below.

A contentious debate about the safety of artificial sweeteners is raging on social media. 

Pro and con supporters are citing contradictory medical evidence from professional medical organizations such as BioMed Central, Cancer. gov, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School (I know, I know, Hah-vidd), JAMA, Mayo Clinic, Medical News Today, PubMed, Washington University School of Medicine, etc. Even Prevention Magazine has something controversial to say about artificial sweeteners.

You need to research each debatable sweetener and to weigh the risks of things going wrong with your health as a result of swallowing it.

Rather than repeat the social media argument here (or risk lots of ire by copy/pasting actual comments with identifying details about each commenter), I offer a thought for your consideration:

Not one health organization advises humanity that 
it has a minimum daily requirement of synthetic, 
stripped-down or otherwise questionable "food." 

The best way to be sure 
that you're swallowing actual food 
is to do so. 

Gambling on processed 
"food" products 
is a risk 
you might not want to take. 

As Baretta used to sing when the show opened, 
"If you can't do the time, don't do the crime."

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1 comment:

Netivotgirl said...

You are 'spot on' about processed food dear Yocheved. 11 years ago when diagnosed with fibromyalgia I changed my diet drastically. Now that I eat according to my blood type with no processed foods (or almost none whatsoever) there is no comparison between my health and energy levels then and now. Bravo on your wonderful blog!