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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Share a Delicious Evening with Me!


13 Av, 5775

I enjoyed a remarkable experience last night. I met and interacted with Victoria Barayev, a macrobiotic chef. Victoria taught the basics of macrobiotic cooking to a crowd of interested Israelis. She is visiting Israel and based in the USA.

I was struck by the fact that she spoke to us as intelligent people, not as ignoramuses in need of an education. Instructors who do that quickly lose my attention span.

A skeptic of macrobiotic "dining," I had long believed it to be a system of food and pleasure deprivation. But my mind has opened to other possibilities after meeting people healed by, or experiencing vastly improved health due to, macrobiotic diets. I sought out information about the healing properties and flavors of macrobiotic guidelines. That led to learning of US-based Victoria and her guest appearance in Israel last night.

I enjoyed a thoroughly delicious meal that I helped to prepare under Victoria's guidance. I'd be happy to serve it to anyone! 

I'm favorably impressed with the nutritional richness of the fresh and cooked food that we enjoyed:

Mung Bean Basil Soup
Quinoa/Buckwheat Salad with Cilantro Pesto
and Tempeh Croutons
Chickpea-Hiziki Omelet
Cashew Cream Cheese
No-Cook Peach-Chia Pudding Pie

I enjoyed seconds of each item, so I could savor the flavors and remember them for my solo preparation efforts.

You can visit
Victoria's website 

One of the lessons that caught my attention last night was the fact that macrobiotic dining includes Principal foods necessary for optimal health, Complementary foods that add pleasure to the dining experience, and Special foods for occasional treats - not regular ingestion. It's as normal as life should be: No excess, simple goodness. No deprivation involved.

Here are candid photos of Victoria and the diners, some of whom met for the first time.

By the way, I have a motive for macrobiotic dining. Stay tuned to my healing story.  My friends and I are praying for an imminent miracle.

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Batya said...

This blog post has been included in Shiloh Musings: The "Comfort" Havel Havelim. Please take a look at the blog carnival and the various other posts included. For more information about Havel Havelim, please join our facebook group.

Yocheved Golani said...

Batya this is delightful news! Thank you.