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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Healing Life Story in Brief


5 Av, 5775

The Jewish month of Av is full of somber thoughts and images. Personal reflections are an integral part of the pre-Rosh Hashana season.

I just joined a health-oriented listserv, and compacted my health plus healing story into a few paragraphs. The timing was conducive to some introspection.

If you're new to this blog, or familiar with it, here are some  of the main points I shared in the above-referenced message:

My story in brief:  ... In February 2005 I awoke completely blind, and very physically weak. 

To make a long story short, I underwent life-saving emergency brain surgery in August 2005. Surgeons removed a benign brain tumor called a Petroclival Tentorial Meningioma. It had crushed my optic nerves and badly damaged other nerves.

Western medical experts doubted that I would survive the ordeal let alone ever see again. I consulted with expert naturopaths. Under their guidance I became an organic vegetarian in 2006, and beat big odds. I am a rarity in the medical world, having recovered my vision - which keeps improving - after that specific diagnosis and setback. I am also physically active.

A former supervisor of medical coding who wrote feature stories about medical experts and their innovations plus other medically-related topics, and someone quite familiar with teaching calming techniques (I eventually earned counseling skills certification), I used a knowledge base about healing and centering unknown to average laymen. I remained composed despite horrific fears, physical pain and unknowns (most of the time, anyway. I definitely advocate the need to cry so that a person can go forward despite emotional turmoil).

I wrote a book about how to cope with medical challenges. Published in 2009, updated in 2011, it received cover praises from medical and mental health professionals People around the world LUV the motivational and healing information in the book plus the Global Resources section that clues you in to worldwide organizations willing to pay some or all of your specific medical bills.

Organic foods and a natural lifestyle restored my vision plus my physical strength (I had needed to learn how to speak again, how to walk, how to use my hands and arms, etc). 

However, I still see double and have difficulty getting my eyes to move together. My eyes move at different speeds, as do the eyelids. One of those lids had been paralyzed. Craniosacral treatment ended the problem, restored symmetry to my face and ended post-surgical pain that could have been life-long.

The prescription for my glasses has dropped 18 times since going organic vegetarian in 2006. Ridding my body of toxins allowed damaged nerves and muscles to heal. My sight improves daily, and my health - according to medical experts - rivals that of women half my age, thank GOD.

In February 2015 I became vegan. That has provoked a most unexpected development: More and very rapid recovery of my sight. I'm at the threshold of ending double vision due to damaged optical nerves plus not needing glasses anymore. I'd like for that to happen with my 10th anniversary of a life-saving event. It would be a miracle. I believe that I can coax that miracle along with a macrobiotic diet.

I've spoken all over Israel, in the USA, on TV, radio and online media about my unusual recovery and coping mechanisms. I remain available for motivational speaking engagements as I maintain my content provider business (I edit other people's writings and prepare speeches, brochure, website, plus journalistic content for various clients).

​I look forward to interacting with the rest of you either online or in person.

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