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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Here's How to Build a Support System


16 Elul, 5777

My heart and mind ache for people in danger's path as several hurricanes have formed in one limited area. I pray for public safety, physical and mental health.

While tending to other concerns, I paused in wonder to read someone's "What is support?" question in an online forum for promoting health. Here's the full question:

The reason I began this group was 
I knew I needed support - and still do. 
But even though this group has been 
around for 15 years,  I still don't know 
how to create the support for others 
or to ask it from others... 

I think one has to have close friends 
who understand where we are coming 
from, as well as to understand 
what [whole food healing] is about. 
Just to "confess," I ate this or
 that doesn't seem like it would be 
where I'd want to go. Or to justify it 
is also not what I need. 

To say, well, we're human, 
we're not perfect, etc 
doesn't help me get back on track.

So what does???? 
I don't know. 
Do you?

Here's the response that I sent to the questioner:
"What is Support?" is a valid question in multifaceted ways. I keep begging the public to stop eating processed foods which have been proven to cause cancer and other health problems, and to avoid excess foods. So do other health advocates. That's a limited support system.

I explain how to build a bigger support system in my public presentations and in doctor-recommended EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge print and E- book.

Who wrote it? The woman who made medical history several times over​ after going organic, avoiding all synthetics and shocking the medical world when she went from blind to sighted, from close to death to thriving aerobics enthusiast. 

The medical world had literally written me off as "6 months" when [I was diagnosed with] a fatal brain tumor. But I learned of the cause for my many medical complaints in an emergency room, 18 months after the diagnosis had been made. The "We choose to remain silent" doctors who'd failed to inform me of the problem were certainly not a support system for me. I had to create one, and it had to work on the first try.

Support comes from adequate information sources, sympathetic friends and acquaintances. It also comes from the alternative healing world. Over time, I've built modest support in the western medical world... I've had to educate doctors willing to listen to me as I explained how they tend to err to the detriment of patients, and how to open up to healing possibilities they'd never considered before.

I used what I'd learned in my career as a medical coder, and as a mental health advocate. I teach coping skills techniques to my readers and to my life coaching clients (I focus on ill people wondering what to do about their situations).

Sometimes you have to blaze your own trail, ---. Some days all you need do is make the most of what's already within your reach."

I welcome your responses and reactions to the above, readers. You can leave comments below this blogpost.

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