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Sunday, September 17, 2017

POWER to the Patient!


26 Elul, 5777

As the Jewish New Year Rosh HaShana approaches (it begins Wednesday night), the weeks preceding it are a time for introspection. Jews worldwide ask ourselves if we can function in more optimal, productive and insightful ways. Pondering the answers we realize, we then seek solutions and use them so that we build up and repair the world.

That's an empowering technique for anyone, not just the Jewish kids in the class.

Some of the people who need to ask the questions and explore the answers are medical professionals. That's because they can overlook the best medical information about a patient's condition by failing to respect the patient's description of what is happening to her or him.

The situation can become emotionally draining as a person struggles to convince medical people to simply listen to and to believe them!

As tiring and upsetting as that is, speaking up for yourself in medical settings is a NECESSITY.

As the

teaches, YOU are your own best advocate.

You need to EMPOWER Yourself to
COPE with a Medical Challenge.

Silence can damage your inner and outer health.  

There are paragraphs in the book about how handle rude and clueless doctors, relatives and visitors. They can be astonishingly dismissive of a patient's comments about the suffering they've experienced. That can be dangerous, even life-threatening.

This patient-empowering article, therefore, is a welcome bit of news:

Doctors are being advised to listen to what women tell them in a bid to speed up diagnosis of a disease

Disease, which causes crippling pain and can lead to infertility, affects 176 million women worldwide and currently takes seven to eight years to...

I'm interested in your thoughts about the above development, and your experiences with insensitive medical  personnel.

Contact me at to share your thoughts.

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Fill the gaps in your medical care by speaking up.


Netivotgirl said...

A very intersting post (as usual) Yocheved. I have been blessed with excellent physicians since my aliya who LISTEN to me. However I have heard many horror stories of those who do not "hear" their patients. You are 3/4 a doctor yourself and I advise everyone who hasn't yet purchased your superb book to do so!Thanks for your wonderful blog posts!!!

Yocheved Golani said...

Thank you for your comment that made me blink hard at your many compliments, Netivotgirl. May you be blessed with astounding health inside and out.