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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Something Exciting


20 Elul, 5777

It will soon be Rosh HaShana, the weeks-long Jewish New Year season, a time preceded by month-log introspection across the Jewish world. The goal of that reflection is to become an ever-better person, stretching our capacities in untried, sometimes simply necessary directions.

One of the things that has long been on my to-do list is to learn to use different tools for conveying deep thoughts so that people can benefit from the insights. Presented in a dramatic and non-threatening way, those deep thoughts allow an observer to look at issues with objectivity, to be able to see life from another person's perspective.

I took specific actions to achieve that long-considered goal this summer. I've made a video for which I wrote a script and innovated a presentation designed to rock the public's realization about the depth of an important mental health issue.

I hope to share the results with you in a few days. I hope that you'll find them as exciting as I do. 

Meanwhile, my videographer and I are about to finish editing the video. We had quite a bit of material to work with.

Please bear with me as I tend to some tedious technical details, a meeting with my journalism boss (he'll be the first person to view the video other than me), accomplish a few work-related interviews with mental health professionals, and take a trip to visit friends celebrating a joyous occasion.

I plan to post another update to this blog by Thursday. I definitely need some time off for the next 48 hours.

My prayers and wishes for well-being are with people suffering around the world in Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida and elsewhere. I've literally lost sleep from praying so much.

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Batya said...

sounds amazing

Yocheved Golani said...

Thank you, Batya. It's been a fun, interesting process.