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Monday, September 25, 2017

What if Cancer Could be Ended without Hurting the Patient?


5 Tishrei, 5778

Welcome back to a fresh new year. My Rosh HaShana experience was wonderful and delicious in many ways.

I prayed hard for GOD to bless the world with soothing, genuine peace and restored health. We've been through lots of trauma lately, considering the hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorism and illnesses.

Back to business: I function as a medical reporter and as a medical research editor in addition to being an author and journalist. This morning I covered the presentation of a medical researcher who perfected a system for ending cancer by inserting an atom bomb, so to speak, within cancerous tumors. Her method does not affect the body or human health other than by ending the life of the tumor and the cancer's ability to spread.

Want to know the answer to the question in today's blogpost title? Here it is: The chemical process involved is user-friendly for patients who need it. They do not feel the treatment's effect as it works.

THAT is purely wonderful.

I'm preparing an in-depth news story about this innovative medical treatment, and its path to FDA approval.

Stand by for heart-warming updates and a news story with jaw-dropping potential. I've already put the researcher in touch with a foundation that provides grants to further medical innovations for ending cancer. 

Lives can be saved early and often with this new method.

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