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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Bit of Worrying, Healthy Blood Pressure, a Flat Tummy and a Happy Marriage: Good for Your Mind


10 Elul 5768

Here's good news on the international front: Brazilian, Finnish and Israeli researchers agree on what's good for your mental health!

Yep, a little worrying (the type that leads to finding solutions for problems) is actually good for you. Neuroticism, though, is NOT good for anyone. Well, OK, it's good for the shrinks who are being paid to help people to stop being neurotic.

Now, back to the subject of today's post.

The findings were presented in a medical conference about Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia in Chicago. Click on

If you need a quickie lesson in the differences between Alzheimer's Disease and plain old Dementia, read on:

Alzheimer's Disease is an on-going deterioration of the brain. The cause is not fully known, but abnormal clumps (amyloid plaques) and tangled bundles of fibers (neurofibrillary tangles) made of misplaced proteins are classic features of the problem. Alzheimer's proceeds in four stages, in a rather predictable sequence of unpredictable duration.

Dementia is a general form of mental deterioration that involves loss of memory, poor judgment and intellect.

Use your mind, focus on solutions, play games and do puzzles that bring out your clever thinking skills. Have healthy fun. It's good for your heart, soul and head!

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