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Monday, September 29, 2008


29 Elul 5768

Today is the last day of the present Jewish year. Several hours after this message goes "live," I will be joining Jews worldwide in greeting our 5769th year (my fellow Israelis and I will start several hours earlier, considering our location on the globe).

The Jewish holiday season lasts for weeks. We'll spend 10 days in deep introspection (we've been at it for a month, now) and in begging for Heavenly compassion starting tonight, then refrain from eating or drinking a full 24 hours on Yom Kipur.
Soon after begins the weeklong Festival of Sukkot, when we'll live in beautifully decorated temporary shelters that remind us of GOD's protection as we escaped Egyptian slavery long ago. The joyous conclusion of our year-long Torah-readings will then be met with an immediate re-start of those readings on Simchat Torah. That will end the Jewish New Year season (October 21 2008).

There is a custom to do charitable acts in this season of asking The One Above to be merciful with us. It's a "What comes around goes around" sort of mindset. We hope that our goodness to others will earn goodness for our very selves, too. And, we've been commanded to build a merciful world.

Contact me if you're interested in facilitating some acts of medical mercy. I know of several ways in which we can improve the health of our neighbors with simple acts of kindness.

I hope to post a few messages during this busy time, but opportunities to do so will be few.

Before I begin my holiday break from the blog, here's an update about cell phone dangers (folks, the evidence is growing):
Cell Phone Use and Tumors: What the Science Says

See you on October 22 2008 aka 22 Tishrei 5769 (maybe before)! I pray that the world will be filled with blessings ever after.

With blessings for everything beneficial,


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