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Monday, September 15, 2008

Vegetarianism is GOOD for Your Brain (and Your Body, too!)


15 Elul 5768

I'm puzzled at having read an anti-vegetarianism article in a
newspaper from India of all places.

Apparently some Australian scientists have data indicating that a vegetarian diet shrinks human brains. Er, perhaps that's what happens with obese people and to anyone who drinks beer to excess (as noted in the article), but the average vegetarian in India is not brain-damaged by their diet. Neither am I. Brahman Indians won't even eat eggs and their brains seem fine over the millenia. They're healthy people who have dark hair well into their 70's, don't need to wear glasses and have no fertility problems.

Somebody's statistical conclusion is a bit off...

A person can drink coffee and eat donuts and be a vegetarian. Health depends upon what you eat, not only that you don't eat dead animals.

Recent research shows that meat-eaters have even LESS B12 than vegetarians! Why?
Because B12 is a heat-sensitive bacteria. So once they've cooked their meat and eggs, they have just as much or worse of a vitamin B12 deficiency as beer guzzlers and overweight people (and if the person is an overweight beer drinker, guess what THOSE consequences would be???).

Want to increase YOUR vitamin B12 intake? Drink Rejuvelac.
It's made of spelt or wheat berries soaked in water. You drink some of the water daily and munch the berries resting at the bottom of the jug after 3 days or so. GOSH are they yummy! And eat sauerkraut daily. Within three weeks of starting those small dietary additions, BINGO, you'll have solved your B12 problem. A simple blood test can prove it.

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