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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go with Glass. It's Better than Plastic


17 Elul 5768

People might make fun of your preference for drinking from glasses instead of from plastic cups, and from glass bottles instead of plastic ones. But you'll be better off for your healthy habit.

The National Institutes of Health have released what I believe is their 3rd announcement about "concern" regarding the dangers and suspected dangers of drinking from commerically made plastic drink bottles this year.

See BISPHENOL-A of Concern for a full report.

Be sure to read POSSIBLE HEALTH RISKS, too.

Need a good idea for some glass water bottles? Save your wine and juice bottles, scrub them out with a bit of dish soap and a bottle brush, fill them with clean water and then place them in cushioned bottle carriers with shoulder straps. It's a low-cost solution and healthier, too.

I'll be taking a few days off from blogging so surgeons can remove the metal plates and pins they inserted in my arm on New Year's Day. The once shattered bones healed wonderfully (Thank GOD!) and I'm ready to live without the metal. Yep, there goes my Bionic Woman identity. What an adventure it's been :^ )

I hope to see you at my monitor next week. If you find it hard to wait to learn about more of my easy-to-implement Better Health ideas until then, BUY YOUR COPY OF MY BOOK TODAY!

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