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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Want to Cheer up an Entire Community?


3 Elul 5768

WOW, sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I've been on the road speaking about my book and how I've made phenomenal recoveries from medical crises.

But, ah, the other reason I lacked time to write to you is because after I completed several days of speaking engagements, my phone line filled with callers from across the country and abroad. Some of those callers were DOCTORS!

It was time-consuming and so very rewarding to speak with so many people from diverse walks of life: A retired NY City police detective, surgeons, therapists, and regular people. My thoughts are literally richocheting around the world and helping people to cope.

I'll be in the USA on speaking tour this December and January, doing my best to cheer up whole communities. I look forward to meeting you, perhaps, while I'm on tour.

Good News spreads, and much more nicely than the other stuff. Cheer up YOUR community, or maybe just someone you know who's facing a medical crisis and feeling crushed by it, when you buy a copy of my book for them or hire me to speak in your area.

All the best,


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