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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Qualities of Heroes


11 Elul 5768

Today is one terrifying anniversary. My condolences go to people whose lives were changed forever by the inhumanity of 9/11. The crisis changed how much of the world views life.

Facing any kind of crisis goes two ways: you can be completely unprepared or you can become the type of person who gets ready one day, one decision at a time.

Click on
MIRACULOUS SURVIVORS, to read something interesting that CNN posted the other day.

The writer noted specific character qualities in survivors. I know from my familiarity with the mental health world, and with my own life, that these charactertistics can be nurtured in people who lack them. I sure wasn't born brave. I suspect that I was born with knees made of jello or totally wet clay. No inner strength I knew of.

Here are those identified personality traits. See what you can do to create and to develop them in yourself:

1. Humility

2. Independent Thinking (you're not simply following a clueless crowd)

3. Paying attention to your intuition. Got a gut reaction? Heed it.

4. Strong family/friendship bonds (I'm adding friendship since some of us lack family members. Friendship serves the need just as well)

5. Planning for survival (my friends are familiar with my "I have a Plan B and Plan C in case things don't work out," voice of wisdom)

6. Clear Priorirites. You don't waster precious energy on useless efforts.

7. Keeping your wits about you. Make it a hobby to stay alert to dangers and to potential solutions.

8. Adapting to your environment.

9. Accepting reality and people for what and who they're not.

10. Focusing on the good that can come out of a horrible experience (compassion, insight, courage, respect from others, etc.)

11. Envisioning a better future. It's your brain. Make the world you want with it. LIVE!

12. Using your anger, fear, all your emotions, to serve your needs.

And gosh, every one of those traits can be developed when you read my book. It's the story of how I did just that plus exercises to teach you to do the same thing!

I welcome you to recommend my book to CNN ;^ )

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
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