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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Bones, Your Bones


23 Elul 5768

Whew! I'm back from being hospitalized for the successful removal of hardware that held my once-shattered arm bones together. The medical professionals on my team assure me that lack of bone density was NOT my problem. That awful accident I'd suffered was the problem. And the docs sure admire my bone thickness. They say it resembles that of a woman half my age.

I'm so pleased that years of aerobic workouts (including stairclimbing) have paid off.

What about YOUR bones, though? The medical world just about drives us nutz with warnings about how to care for our skeletal health. Tests, drugs, aging, it adds up to headaches.

Click on SOME GOOD NEWS about bone health in the 21st century. And do yourself a favor. Scout out my previous posts about why dairy foods are not fit for humans after infancy. There is strong evidence that dairy destroys adult bones. Fill up on calcium-rich vegetables, mineral-rich sea leaves and other natural, safe sources of good bone nutrition. Walk. Bicycle. Laugh. Wiggle your toes and take stairs instead of elevators or escalators.

Make your sneakers earn their reputation (hey - you can run to the Sushi bar!) ;^ )

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