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Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Secrets" for Better Health


25 Elul 5768

Hmmm, the information below seems to be a big surprise to far too many people. The facts have been in the public domain long enough to become common knowledge. Then again, the Public Domain is overflowing with information. It's hard to sort it all out...

I recommend that you focus on the stuff that's likely to help you and/or your children. Be sure to share the rest with someone who might need it:

Lower Blood Pressure in One Practiced Move

DANGER: Energy Drinks

Protect Your Heart with... a TOOTHBRUSH!

Lose Lice Naturally!

4 drops of citronella oil (available at health food stores) combed through the hair can be very helpful in getting rid of lice


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Lose Lice Less Naturally

Protect Children from MRSA Infection

Centers for Disease Control Advice about MRSA

Considering the
breakdown in medical services and the funds to promote them (let alone for the average person to afford them), it's wise for all of us to prepare a "Plan B" as healthcare backup:

1. Keep emergency supplies of necessary medication and medical supplies nearby.

2. Make a list of all medical recommendations you're supposed to follow (it does get complicated when so much advice adds up over time).

3. Train those around you to help in an emergency (personal and public) and/or insist that they become trained somehow if you're not up to the job.

4. Practice personal calming techniques in your daily life.

MORE EVIDENCE: Biological/Health Hazards of
Cellphone Use

Taking charge of your medical life can only help. After all, "Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence." - Vince Lombardi

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