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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Nifty Way to Become a Better Person!


9 Tishrei 5769

As people around the world grapple with financial chaos, asking GOD "What can I do? How can I cope?" some of us are trying to make deals along the lines of becoming better and thus earning blessings to get out this mess. Yup, reality is tougher than any "reality" show on TV. The real "Survivors" are in your neighborhood and mine.
Israeli television show "Reality" will even be taking a break for Yom Kipur to deal with genuine reality.

OK, grappling with issues is one thing. Then comes another nightmare. You wonder, "How can I become a better person, considering all my faults?"

MY BOOK holds a bit of terrific, one step advice about how to become a better from Mark Twain. His advice literally IS a One-Stepper. And it works.

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