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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick Tips for Successful Yom Kipur Fasting


8 Tishrei 5769

Yom Kipur begins Wednesday night. The 25-hour-long fast is hard on people with medical problems.

It is a MITZVA (Divine directive) to protect your health. Ask your doctors if you may be excused from the avoidance of food and drink. We are NOT supposed to kill ourselves over Yom Kipur nor are we allowed to use this time to make ourselves sicker.

If you know that you may safely endure the no-drinks or food day while focusing on spiritual matters, check out THIS SITE for a quick look at foods that can fortify you before and after Yom Kipur if indeed you will be fasting.

Please join world Jewry in begging The One Above for world peace, physical health and emotional comfort. May it flow like sweet water. Worldwide.


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