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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Powerful "Secret" for Prolonging Your Life


20 Tishrei

You know I rarely post on weekends but this important piece of information warrants immediate attention.

The United Kingdom's famous paper The SUN has an article warning the world about mobile phone use, by Health and Science editor Emma Morton. Read all about it at:

Mounting scientific evidence and relevant media publicity are at odds with the "secret" that many consumers keep from themselves. Cell phones and mobile phones are radiating your heads with danger. Please. Get rid of your cell phones and the mobile devices in your vehicles. The convenience and efficiency may just kill you - faster than you expect. The world will still spin on its axis when you rely on E-mail, landlines and fax machines. You just might live long enough to ENJOY the wealth you're trying to accrue, instead of spending it on painful cancer treatments.

Remember: my book is about coping skills. Throughout my text, I highly recommend sensible health-promoting alternatives to counterproductive unhealthful behavior. Medical and mental health professionals recommend IT'S MY CRISIS! and give it to patients.

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Yojeved Golani
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