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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reduce Your Medical Costs and Aggravation Easily!


16 Tishrei 5769

We're having a rainy Sukkot holiday in Israel, a bit ahead of the anticipated rainy season and a much-needed blessing in this parched land.

Speaking of blessings, I understand your need to reduce the financial and time-consuming costs of coping with a medical crisis.

I wrote my book to thank The One Above for saving my life in 2005, and to share critically needed information with the public. The "RESOURCES" section of my book gives you leads and contact information about getting in on clinical trials and other forms of free medical care, for contacting leading medical and mental health practitioners, for securing reduced-cost or free medicines and medical appliances, and so much more.

And as Mindy mentioned in her comment the other day, the other part of my book helps readers to face other aspects of medical crises.


There's a reason that votes are rising for It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To at the Musella Foundation site.

Oh! If you're in Israel, pick up a copy of VOICES magazine. The newest edition has an article about me in it. It touches on how I'm helping people to overcome stiffness in their limbs and/or jaw (the result of disease, surgery, trauma or injury) the same way I helped myself to recover from a crushed elbow: by stretching connective tissue in a highly effective manner. The extension brace I wore while recovering from my accident was made by DYNASPLINT. I now sell
DYNASPLINT products in Israel.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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